About BlockClones

The idea for BlockClones came when a client wrote to us, frustrated and trying to get the Gutenberg Block Editor to do what he wanted.

We sent him a 3 minute screencast explainer video. It was straightforward and to the point. To our surprise, he replied that he would gladly pay for a dozen or so more explainer videos. Apparently, he’d been trying to solve this one problem for 5 days, and couldn’t find the solution online.

This interaction, coupled with the questions Steve had been getting through his blog, made us realize that there was a need for better content on how to use the Block Editor.

Our goal is to help fellow WordPress professionals and business owners (who manage their own sites) use the Block Editor efficiently and enjoyably.

Our free guides, reviews, and video library will help you build sites that are fast, inexpensive to build and maintain, and look professional.

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Steve Teare and Matt Stern, the creative duo behind BlockClones.

Steve runs the popular blog, PagePipe.com, where he helps people speed up their WordPress websites through no-fluff content, speed tuning and education.

Matt runs The Tool Merchants, a niche blog about garden tools.

We also enjoy working with other creative, motivated people on their web projects.

Learn more about Steve, here. And more about Matt, here.

Have a question or suggestion for BlockClones? Drop us a line.