Our Favorite Gutenberg Block Plugins

Our Favorite Gutenberg
Block Plugins In 2021

Here’s the shortlist of our favorite Gutenberg Block Plugins. Use these to extend the functionality and usability of the default WordPress block editor.

Drop us a line if you think this list is missing a worthwhile plugin.

Note: All plugins mentioned are the free version.

Generate Blocks
The lightweight champion of Gutenberg block libraries. While it only adds four blocks to your library–container, grid, buttons and headline. You can do a lot with them.

If you don’t require pre-built designs or formatted blocks like a testimonial block or form block, for example, this is an excellent choice.

What we like most about Generate Blocks:

  • It’s super lightweight.
  • The settings layout is intuitive and well organized.
  • The shape dividers are better and have more options than most other block plugins.
  • You can create multi-column layouts on mobile phones. Other block plugins won’t seem to do this (even if they create columns on desktop).

Kadence Blocks
An interesting and mostly good assortment of add-on blocks. Some blocks are so-so, but some are excellent and unique to Kadence. These include their Form Block, Table of Contents and Advanced Gallery.

Read our full Kadence Blocks review here.

Stackable Blocks
Stackable is an excellent “full-featured” block library. It offers many good blocks including Testimonials, Pricing Tables, Accordion and more.

It also offers global color (so does Kadence) and global typography settings.

Read our full Stackable review here.

Block Navigation
This nifty little plugin adds a navigator to the back end of your pages and posts. It’s similar to the block editor’s outline tool, except that you can drag and drop blocks to reposition them or delete them entirely from the navigator.

It’s a great time saver especially if your pages are complicated with many nested blocks.

Read our Block Navigation guide here.


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