A Better Way to Move WordPress Blocks

Struggling to select and move Gutenberg blocks?
Try this.

If you’re accustomed to a pagebuilder like Elementor, one of the more frustrating aspects of the Gutenberg Block Editor is the difficulty of moving blocks around.

Drag and drop works, but it’s imprecise and blocks don’t always go where you want.

Finding the right block amongst nested blocks can also be difficult.

A free plugin called Block Navigation helps with this, and will make your transition from Elementor more seamless.

1) Add Block Navigation to your site.

  • On your dashboard, click “Plugins” > “Add New”
  • Search for “Block Navigation”, then install and activate the plugin.

2) Access the Navigator from the edit screen.

To open the Navigator – when editing a post or page – click the 3 bar icon near the top right of your screen.

From here, you can select a given block and/or re-position a block via drag and drop.

If you want to move the Navigator itself, click the “Detach” button on the bottom of the Navigator. You can then resize it via the small blue dot in the corner of the Navigator.

In the settings pane you can change the color scheme, the detached position (left or right), and what block info is displayed.

Does Block Navigation slow down your site?

Pingdom speed tests reveal no changes in page size (406.6 kilobytes) and no additional requests (25) when the plugin is activated. It’s a lightweight plugin with no impact on page speed.

All in all, this is a cool plugin that will improve your experience with the block editor.

You can download Block Navigation here.