How to Hide the Gutenberg Welcome Message

How to Hide the Block Editor Welcome Message

You know that annoying “Welcome to the Block Editor” pop-up that appears every time you open a page or post? Yeah, we’re not big fans of it either.

Thankfully, it’s easy to disable the welcome message with a free plugin called Persistent Block Editor Settings.

Install and activate this plugin. The pop-up will show up one more time, but after you close it, it will stay hidden.

Other benefits of this plugin.

Persistent Block Editor Settings also *remembers* some of your other choices

For example, by default, the block editor always opens in full-screen mode (with no WordPress sidebar menu on the left).

But if you prefer to edit with the sidebar (not full-screen mode), then this plugin makes that layout persistent, so you see it by default the next time you open a new page or post.

You can still toggle full screen mode if you want to use it.

The little things add up, and this is another little thing that will improve your experience with the WordPress Block Editor.

Read more about Persistent Block Editor Settings here.


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