Kadence Blocks Review – Can Kadence keep up?

Kadence Blocks Review [Free Version] – Can Kadence keep up?

A worthwhile addition to your block library.

If we could only choose one block library add-on, it wouldn’t be Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence.

However, we still use and recommend it because a few of its blocks are outstanding. And it’s fast. 🙂

Kadence Blocks Overview

Here’s are some important things to know about this block library:

  • 14 custom block types.
  • Has some unique blocks that other libraries don’t.
  • Global color settings.
  • Pre-built template library as an add-on plugin.
  • Only some blocks types have margin/padding controls.
  • Only some blocks types can be displayed or hidden based on screen size.

Is it fast?

We tested 86 block plugins to determine their speed overhead. We looked at added page-weight, number of calls and milliseconds of load time.

Kadence passed with flying colors and is in our “top-tier” of fastest Gutenberg-related plugins. It added only 51 kilobytes to the page-weight, 0 calls and 0 milliseconds in load time.

What about a real world test?

We used Kadence as the main block library on a client site:

The home page speed tests look like this:

Yes, Kadence is fast.

Kadence Blocks Features Overview

Let’s take a look at some of the features mentioned above.

14 Custom Blocks

These blocks include things like:

  • Row (Kadence’s container block)
  • Columns
  • Buttons
  • Testimonials
  • Accordion
  • Advanced Gallery
  • and more

Overall, we’ve found their blocks to be hit and miss. Some of them truly stand out, while others fall short.

For example, their Icon List, Testimonial and Info Box blocks are excellent and better than Stackable’s versions.

On the flip side I much prefer both the Generate Blocks and the Stackable container block. I also prefer Stackable’s related post block.

Noteworthy Blocks

Kadence includes 4 blocks that really impress us in their usefulness. They are:

  • Table of Contents
  • Advanced Gallery
  • Countdown Timer
  • Form

Each of these typically requires the addition of an extra plugin, and we love that they’re included in Kadence.

An added bonus, the form is quite fast, and it connects with our current email service provider Mailerlite out-of-the-box.

Global Color Editor

The global color editor allows you to change the color palette of all your blocks across your entire site. So no matter what block you’re using – Kadence or otherwise – you’ll see your custom color palette. This is a huge time saver.

Pre-Built Design Library

Kadence offers a small selection of pre-built templates as an add-on plugin. It can be found here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/kadence-starter-templates/

We haven’t used these, so we can’t comment on their quality. They might be useful to get you started if you’re stuck. You can also use them to reverse-engineer settings if you’re not sure how to get the look you want.

A Few More Notes

One downside of Kadence Blocks is that you can’t adjust margin and padding for every custom block type. Some blocks have the option, others don’t.

Similarly, visibility settings (show or hide on desktop, tablet or mobile) are only included in some – but not all – of their blocks. This is not a deal breaker. You can simply install a plugin like Conditional Blocks or Block Visibility.


Kadence Blocks is worth considering for your block library. Some of its blocks fall short, but some are excellent. It’s fast, and it offers a few unique blocks that you’d normally need to find another plugin for.

Download the free version here.

Learn more about the Kadence Pro here.


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