Keep design aesthetics in perspective.

Jon Dykstra’s recommendation:

“Far too many bloggers getting started get bogged down with website design.

It’s unnecessary.

Most premium WordPress themes look great as they are.

I use Bimber theme on my niche sites (mainly because it has an amazing infinite scroll feature). It looks fantastic as is. I merely customize the colors.

Other than that I don’t bother with any CSS or coding to make changes.

I install it and start publishing.

These days most people surf on their phones.

Can you tell the difference among themes when you visit sites on mobile devices? Probably not.

They pretty much look all the same.

So why waste time or money with custom designs.

When you start earning $25K per month, by all means, drop $10K on a custom design. I earn more than that and still use themes as-is.”


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