Overcoming technophobia.

Technophobia is 6 different things buyers fear.

1. The size of the expenditure. The bigger the price, the more nervous they are about investing in technology.

2. Its relative newness.

3. The fear of obsolescence. “I’m going to invest this money, what do I get in return? Do I get an update? I want to know what happens in the future? What can I expect?”

4. The complexity of the product. Products introduced may be simple, but the ideas or concepts are complex. We’re idealists. Ideas persuade and motivate people to action. We boil ideas down to their essence or their core. We communicate nuggets to people.

5. Differentiation. How do we make this product different from other products? And still have the buyer feel comfortable?

6. The buyer doesn’t want professional embarrassment. “You bought that product? You’re an idiot,” They’re worried. They don’t want to look dumb to the rest of their team.

3 useful ways to overcome technophobia.

1. The product may be new, but we want to show it somehow as traditional.

2. Show how it has continuity with the past. It’s not aberrant or a break from logical reasoning. It’s a logical progression. Tell about the inevitability of this new product. We knew this was coming. In the past, this is the way things happened. But here’s how it’s done now.

3. It’s not about our growth, it’s about their growth. Empower them, not us. We’re not going to say, “We’re the heroes here.” No, they get to be the heroes for their business. That’s very important.

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