Why is selling eBooks best?

What digital products can we sell? The benefits of digital products.
There are videos, podcasts, and PDF e-books or a guide.

We want the fastest product development.

One problem with video is duration. Even if you give people time markers, it takes time to get through a good video course.

“Let me go watch 5 hours of video tutorials first.”

Uh? No. An ebook is assimilated faster than video. From the index, they can flip to the solution fast, go directly to that page. It’s a great way to sell expert information.

eBooks have a lower overhead cost. No duh, obvious.

No physical storage, no handling costs, no rent. They have global distribution. The ability to sell around the world 24/7 is a beautiful thing. A digital product is quicker and simpler to produce than a physical product.

Making an ebook into a physical book boosts your sales as much as 30 percent. You can say, “Get the digital download immediately. The book comes to you in 3 weeks.” You build the physical book after the sale with print on demand. That satisfies immediate need – and they get the book on their shelf. You get a lift in sales by offering both.

Can we offer digital ebooks on Amazon?

Yes. We want the PDF electronic version on Amazon. We don’t expect to make any sales there. People start searching on Amazon. More than half of people start on Amazon, and then they go searching from there. Offering a book – even if it doesn’t sell – is a great SEO strategy. Offering books on Amazon is peanuts for profits. You share profits with them. The real goal is for people to  buy the product on your website instead.

One nasty thing about selling on Amazon is they don’t give you the customer list. They keep that. You never get to find out who bought your product. We get list ownership when sales are on the website instead.

Something every digital product seller wants is control of their own lifestyle. You don’t have to sit at your computer around the clock. The digital machine is running. Purchases are fulfilled in the middle of the night from around the world — it’s beautiful. You keep the personal freedom you love.

A product goal is creating a 100-page ebook.

That’s a bit arbitrary. But here’s the logic behind it: for the Library of Congress, the definition of a book is it has 100 pages. If it has less than that, they call it a periodical or a brochure or pamphlet and get a different classification. So, if we’re a book, we get an ISBN number.

Now, when you get an ISBN number, you’re plugged in, people sell ISBN information to libraries and universities. You make sales to those places without any pain. You don’t have to try. You get on a list, and a professor says, “We got a budget for books. We want that one in our library.” Bonus.

What’s in the ebook?

The ebook has one activity idea per section. And chapter separators. And from the table of contents, they can jump right to the desired content section. Existing digital content is massaged and put into the right format.


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